Seagull cruise Pondicherry

Seagull Cruise in Pondicherry is a captivating and exciting adventure that takes place on the picturesque Uppalam Expo Ground 1, Netaji Nagar No 3. Nestled in the heart of Puducherry, this charming city is renowned for its serene beaches, colonial architecture, and vibrant culture. Seagull Cruise offers visitors an unforgettable experience as they embark on a delightful journey through the shimmering waters of the Bay of Bengal.

The cruise begins at the Uppalam Expo Ground 1, which serves as the departure point for this memorable voyage. As you step aboard the Seagull Cruise vessel, you’ll be greeted by a friendly crew and a warm ambiance. The ship itself is well-equipped with modern amenities and comfortable seating, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing experience for all passengers.

“Sea Gull Cruise-Sea Sight seeing in Pondicherry, an Indian Union territory on the Southeast coast surrounded by Tamil Nadu near the Bay of Bengal, is famous for its extensive shoreline and backwaters. To keep tourists interested, the former French colony offers a variety of beach and backwater activities, as well as historical tours. We GOVIND WATER ADVENTURES introducing a Local and professional travel and tourism service provider with affiliation of Tourism Department, Government of Puducherry.”

Places To Visiting In Seagull Cruise Pondicherry

Pondy Marina Beach

Cruise along the sparkling waters and witness the beauty of Pondy Marina Beach from a unique perspective. Enjoy the gentle breeze and admire the expansive coastline as you sail along.

River Mouth

Experience the convergence of the river and the sea at the River Mouth. Marvel at the natural beauty of this meeting point, where the fresh river water merges with the vast ocean.

Pondy Fishing Harbour

Discover the vibrant atmosphere of Pondy Fishing Harbour. Witness the busy activities of local fishermen as they bring in their catch and prepare their boats for the next expedition.


Pondy Light House

Navigate through the enchanting mangrove forest in Pondicherry. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and observe the rich biodiversity that thrives in this unique ecosystem.

Gandhi Statue Boat House

Explore the historic site of Arikamedu, known for its archaeological significance. Enjoy a glimpse into the past as you cruise along the river near this ancient port town and marvel at the remnants of a bygone era.

Sun Set, Sun Rise Boat Ride

Begin your day with a serene and picturesque sunrise boat ride. Delight in the tranquility of the early morning as you watch the sun emerge on the horizon, painting the sky with delicate hues.

Services Offered in Seagull Cruise Pondicherry

    1. ATV Ride: Paradise Beach offers the thrilling experience of an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) ride. Hop on an ATV and explore the sandy stretches and scenic trails, adding an adventurous twist to your beach visit. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you maneuver through the dunes and feel the wind in your hair.

    2. Fish Spa: Indulge in a unique and rejuvenating fish spa experience at Paradise Beach. Immerse your feet in shallow tanks filled with tiny fish known as “doctor fish” that gently nibble away dead skin cells, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and invigorated. This natural exfoliation treatment is both relaxing and therapeutic.

    3. Bungy Trampoline: Bungy trampolines provide an exciting and gravity-defying experience. Bounce high into the air, perform flips, and feel the thrill of defying gravity. This activity is suitable for both children and adults, making it a fun-filled adventure for the whole family.

    4. Kids Trampoline: Paradise Beach also offers a dedicated trampoline area designed specifically for kids. Children can enjoy the exhilaration of jumping and bouncing in a safe and supervised environment. It’s a great opportunity for kids to burn off energy and have a blast while being entertained on the beach.

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