Mangrove Trail Pondicherry

Mangrove Trail PondicherryThere is a mangrove trail made with wooden pathways—walking inside a mangrove forest is the best way to manoeuvre through the mangrove forest, giving a unique experience.

Places To Visiting In Mangrove Trail

River Mouth

Mangrove Trail provides best boating exprieance in pondicherry . We show 4 viewing point in pondicherry sea side River Mouth, Pondy Fishing Harbour, Mangrove Forest, Arikamedu.

Sunrise Boat Ride

Mangrove Trail Sunrise ride starts from morning 6am to 7am best ride for your morning positive vibes in sea side.

Sunset Boat Ride

Mangrove Trail Sunset ride is best ride for your evening happy vibes rides in sea side. Sunrise Ride starts from Morning 4 PM to 7PM.

Mangrave Forest

The mangrove forest near the Pondy Marina Boat House serves as a sanctuary for a wide variety of plant and animal species. The dense foliage and complex root systems.Mangroves are unique trees that thrive in coastal areas their distinctive roots and intertwining branches.


Visitors to Arikamedu can explore the excavated ruins and get a glimpse of the past glory of this once-thriving port. The archaeological site offers a unique opportunity to walk through the remnants of ancient streets, residential areas, and even a Roman warehouse.

Pondy Fishing Harbour

Pondy Fishing Harbour, also known as the Pondicherry Fishing Harbor, is a bustling hub for fishermen and a fascinating place to experience the vibrant fishing industry of the region. Located along the coastal area of Pondicherry.

Contact Details Of Mangrove Trail

Location : WR26+GW6, Murungapakkam, Puducherry, 605004

Phone Number:  +91 7604942994

6:00 am - 6:00 pm

6:00 am - 6:00 am
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